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Equipment Leasing 

Whether you are looking to lease equipment to others or find equipment to lease, Circle Mortgage’s leasing experts can help. Learn more about our equipment leasing services.

About Equipment Leasing Ontario

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from leasing items to that help them generate revenue. Almost anything can be leased including construction equipment, company vehicles, office furniture, computers, copiers, and manufacturing equipment.

There are many reasons why you might prefer to lease rather than buy, and some of those reasons include:

  • Avoiding obsolescence – with today’s rapidly changing technologies, some companies prefer to lease so they can upgrade to the latest equipment every couple of years.

  • Allows them to project their costs more accurately and to pay as their cash flows.

  • Allows businesses to preserve their lines of credit for other expenses.

  • Tax advantages – lease payments are often fully tax deductible.

  • Call allow companies to expand more rapidly.

  • May help them to afford better/more expensive equipment than they otherwise could.

  • Does not require a down payment.
Are you a vendor/supplier?

If you are a supplier that would like to lease equipment to your customers, you can team up with Circle Mortgage Group and our leasing professionals will offer you vendor financing so you can in turn offer your customers great rates for leasing from your business.

Vendor financing allows you to offer other alternatives to your customers besides cash on delivery or after 30 days. This is especially beneficial if you are a supplier of high-ticket items which some customers might have trouble paying for in full upfront. By offering a broader range of financing options, it can help you to attract more customers and grow your business.

Equipment Leasing Ontario staff

It will also help you to improve your relationship with your existing customers as they will not have to seek financing elsewhere before coming to you. Not to mention, offering a leasing option can give you a competitive edge over others in your industry who may not be offering anything similar.

When you provide a quote to your customers, simply provide a low monthly quote on a lease as well along with the lease application. If the customer chooses the leasing option, they simply have to send the signed application to Circle Mortgage for approval. At that point, one of our leasing professionals will perform a quick credit check – and if your client is approved, we will send them any additional documents or instructions that may be required.

After the customer receives their equipment from you, we send you a payment for the full amount of the equipment (this usually happens within a few days).

What we lease

Our leasing experts will provide custom financial solutions to suit your business requirements in the leasing of:
  • Office equipment including furniture, AV equipment, air conditioning and data-network equipment.

  • Technology including computer hardware, software, telephone and VOIP systems.

  • Industrial equipment including machinery, forklifts, heavy equipment, warehouse equipment, pumps, industrial lighting and electronics.

  • Transport including commercial vehicles, vac trucks, tankers, trailers and all related equipment.

  • Farming equipment including tractors, vehicles, harvesting equipment, dairy equipment, grain bins and technology.

The Leasing Process

To get started working with one of Circle Mortgages, leasing equipment Ontario professionals, the process is simple. Just fill out our easy online form and provide us with your:
Company name
Contact name
Email address
Business phone
Equipment value
Equipment Description

The process is as follows:

Step - 1

Complete our simple online application so that we can match you with a specialist in your business sector.

Step - 2

Once your request has been reviewed, we will follow up to confirm your needs and ask for any additional information that we might require.

Step - 3

Upon approval of your financing, we will contact your equipment supplier and prepare the necessary paperwork.
To get started on the leasing process for your company, contact Circle Mortgage today to speak with a member of our team.
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