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Over the years, Circle Mortgage has built a large client base of some of the experienced realtors in the area. We have done this through the level of professionalism that comes with our service no matter how small or big the job is. A realtor has no tool sharper than an effective Mortgage Broker.

We have had the pleasure of being the in-house brokers for Two Major Brand Real Estate Companies up until 2016 when we established Circle Mortgage Group.

Mortgage Resource Person - Mortage Broker Ontario

What we understand about Realtors and their business can be established in a very quick conversation.

A unique application link unique to each realtor
An ability to provide real-time updates
A pre-qualification letter for any offer being submitted by one of our mutual clients
Purview value analysis (tm purview)
Work with a broker that understands your Grind. Trust Circle Mortgage an A+ rated business at the BBB to get you a happy client in a new home!

Some of the other reasons can be our low turn-around time, the tailored service that we offer, our hard to beat prices, and our experienced team members who know how to resolve any paperwork problem without any hassle. That’s why most of the work that we get at Circle Mortgage comes through the word of mouth recommendations from our previous client and our clientele list continues to grow.

We work to meet Realtor condition periods, and in 15 years of doing business, we are yet to request an extension for a closing date. And we try our best to keep that track record spotless. Now, if you are a realtor and need help in closing a mortgage deal for your client, then look no further than Circle Mortgage. Pick up that phone and schedule an appointment with us today. You won’t regret it.

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