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Is a home equity line of credit right for you?
For many homeowners, the equity they have built in their homes represents a valuable financial asset. It's a testament to their investment and responsible financial management. But did you know that you can leverage this equity to achieve various financial goals? One way to do so is by considering a Home Equity Line of Credit, […]
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Best Mortgage Types in Canada: How To Choose a Mortgage
If you're looking to buy a home, you'll probably need a mortgage, since most people cannot afford to pay the full price of a home. The mortgage principal is the amount you'll need to borrow (purchase price minus your down payment and any required mortgage insurance). To suit your personal finance needs, there are a […]
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Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home
If you are selling your house, you may be wondering which projects will add to the value of your home's sale price, and which aren't worth the expense and hassle. Alternately, you may be researching home improvement ideas for your forever home, choosing to spend money only on projects that add the most value. Research […]
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What To Bring To Mortgage Appointment
So, you're looking at buying your first home and have set up a mortgage appointment. The steps in the home buying process can sometimes seem intimidating and confusing – especially for first-time home buyers. But they don't have to be! Your dream home is just a few steps away! Seeking professional mortgage advice is a […]
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The Guide To Using RRSP To Buy A Home
It costs a lot of money to buy a house. Qualifying home buyers need a minimum 5% down payment to purchase a home, and with rising real estate prices, buyers need to have more money saved to afford a down payment. Thankfully, the Canadian government understands the pressure and financial strain that many Canadians are […]
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How Does A Second Mortgage Work?
Many homeowners are not aware that they can take out a second mortgage on their properties. A second mortgage, also called a home equity loan, is a second loan taken out on a property that is already mortgaged. In simpler terms, it’s when homeowners have two mortgages for one property. What Is A Second Mortgage? […]
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Why You Should Never Skip Home Inspections
Every person wants to buy their dream home, but the current real estate market is amping up the pressure. There is a shortage of homes and a large pool of potential buyers, thus ramping up the competition and prices. In order to keep up with the red hot market, many buyers are opting to skip […]
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