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Posted on January 31, 2018 by Jivan Sanghera

VERICO Canada and VERICO Compass Mortgage Group are pleased to announce the first winners of the VERICO Purchase Plus Improvement Contest.
Dean Larson and Aaron Marsh of VERICO Compass Mortgage along with Sean Widdess, Vice President of Business Development and Jared Dreyer, Vice President of Corporate Relations, VERICO Canada, presented a cheque to winners Ryan Bohonos and Elaine Bohonos of New Westminster, BC.
"We are so very grateful for Aaron's assistance in the whole mortgage process, but winning VERICO's renovation contest is icing on the cake,” says Elaine Bohonos.
“We can't stop sharing this story with everyone we meet...it’s incredible,” adds Mrs. Bohonos.
“When I told my clients the good news, they were very excited, but most of all, they were extremely appreciative.  This extra $5,000 will go a long way in their renovation project.  It is such a thrill to be part of this fantastic VERICO promotion.  These clients couldn't be any happier," says Aaron Marsh, Mortgage Broker of VERICO Compass Mortgage Group.
“What a great privilege to be able to brighten someone's day,” says Dean Larson, Owner of VERICO Compass Mortgage Group.  “In partnership with VERICO Canada, we were able to greatly enhance the overall home buying experience for these clients, and I was thrilled that VERICO Compass Mortgage Group could be a part of it.”
“VERICO Canada is delighted to support Dean and Aaron in helping to create a great experience for their clients,” says Sean Widdess, Vice President of Business Development VERICO Canada. “We look forward to giving away another $25,000 to the 5 next lucky winners!”
Clients of VERICO mortgage brokers can win 1 of 6 prizes of $5000.00 to go towards their home renovations through the VERICO Purchase Plus Improvement Contest.  Another five prizes are still up for grabs.
A Purchase Plus Improvement mortgage gives qualifying clients the ability to access up to $40,000 for the purpose of renovations.  This amount is rolled up into their mortgage so clients are able pay it off as a part of their regular mortgage payments.
This mortgage option allows home buyers, especially first timers, to take their first step into home ownership and still have the funds to renovate their purchase into their dream home.
To find out how you could win $5000.00 please contact me!

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