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Tenant insurance offers peace of mind

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Jivan Sanghera

Leaving home for the first time, going away to school and renting an off-campus apartment can make for an exciting yet stressful time for students and parents alike.
As college and university students head to the classroom this fall, CAA Insurance Company (Ontario) is encouraging parents of post-secondary students to invest in tenant insurance.
Whether your child is renting a house or an apartment, tenant insurance offers peace of mind. It will cover their personal possessions, such as furniture, clothing, electronics and jewelry, in the event of a fire or break-in.
"Tenant insurance is often overlooked. Renters think their belongings are protected because their landlord has insurance, but that isn't the case," said Matthew Turack, VP, CAA Insurance Company (Ontario).
"Sending a teen to university or college can be expensive. Now imagine if you have to replace all their belongings because they were destroyed in a fire or stolen," added Turack.
Once tenant insurance is purchased, CAA Insurance recommends making a detailed list of all your personal belongings, photographing each item and keeping receipts and warranties in a safe place should you need to make a claim.
For over a hundred years, CAA has been helping Canadians stay mobile, safe and protected.  CAA South Central Ontario is one of nine auto clubs across Canada providing roadside assistance, automotive care, travel products, insurance services and member savings for more than 1.9 million members.
SOURCE CAA South Central Ontario

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