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Picking a real estate agent is like flipping a coin for most Ontarians

Posted on January 31, 2018 by 

Ontario home buyers and sellers could use better tools and resources to help pick the right real estate agent. A recent survey release today from Zoocasa and Survey Sampling International (SSI) revealed most (86%) Ontario home buyers and sellers used a real estate agent on their last transaction, but only half (50%) reported being confident that they picked the right one.
"Buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions a person will make in their lifetime, so it is surprising that Ontarians are settling for what's essentially a coin flip when picking a real estate agent," says Carolyn Beatty, General Manager for Zoocasa. "It's our goal to make buying or selling a home easy for consumers, and a big part of the experience is matching consumers with top agents who have knowledge of the housing market in the specific area they are looking to buy or sell."
A good relationship with a talented real estate agent makes a huge difference in a person's experience buying or selling their home, yet for many Canadians picking an agent is random. In fact, 67% of people surveyed did not interview their agent before hiring them and 17% hired an agent sight unseen.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that only slightly more than half (58%) of Ontarians reported being "very satisfied" with the value their agent provided.
Other survey highlights included:

  • Only 12% of those surveyed interviewed 2 or more agents
  • Overall, Ontarians had a more positive buying vs. selling experience (79% vs. 63%)
  • Ontarians rated agents a lower satisfaction overall in services including providing background information (56%), photos (56%), open houses(53%), negotiations (51%), appraisals (50%), advertising (47%) and staging (43%)
  • 86% of Ontarians would look to use an online site to find an agent the next time

Offering a unique and personalized service, Zoocasa has selected top agents from leading brokerages that receive high ratings for client service and have a strong track record of success. To learn more about Zoocasa, visit www.zoocasa.com.

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