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Action Canada taskforce releases report on innovative finance for urban spaces and places

Posted on February 2, 2018 by Jivan Sanghera

Five Fellows in the Action Canada leadership development program will release a policy report on innovative finance for urban spaces and places. Action Canada's 2014-2015 theme focuses on Canadian cities.

Urban public spaces - such as streetscapes, parks, bike paths and green spaces - enhance a city's quality of life and competitiveness by attracting the skilled workers and investment that fuel economic growth. However, municipalities today face tight budgets. Attention to urban spaces and places often takes a backseat to traditional infrastructure needs such as roads, bridges, water and sewers. As a result, innovative finance mechanisms - such as crowdfunding, municipal bonds and community bonds - are emerging that are being used to fund the development of urban public spaces.
The policy report, Financing Future Communities: innovative finance for urban spaces and places, examines innovative finance mechanisms and makes recommendations to help governments and cities engage with these emerging tools.

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